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Plasma Nanotechnology Plasma Nanotechnology offers one step structural and chemical modification of materials. In this way, Nanostructures in the form of cones, columns, or fibers random or quasi ordered with predesigned chemistry are produced.  We can tune the wettability of

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1. Legionella detection kit* Advantages Sensitivity down to 5 cells Ultra fast (less than 70 min) and accurate analysis Available for solid or liquid samples Naked eye bacteria detection on chip Kit Workflow Examples of positive and negative tests *The

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The Nanoplasmas team is: Dr. Evangelos Gogolides (M) has a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the NTUA-Greece (1985), an MSc (1987) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (1990) both from MIT-USA. He is now Director of Research at NCSR-D. He

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