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plasma nanotextured chip

plasma nanotextured chip

We have developed a method to nanostructure and chemically modify surfaces using plasma processing, which we coin plasma nanotexturing. Nanostructures in the form of cones, columns, or fibers random or quasi ordered are developed using plasma etching. We can tune the wettability of such surfaces and produce nanotextured surfaces that are water, ice, oil, and microorganism repellent (i.e. superaphiphobic, anti-icing, antifouling) and thus self-cleaning. Additionally, we can produce hydrophilic surfaces with increased biomolecule attraction and binding. These surfaces are simultaneously anti-reflective and transparent, hence the term “smart” surfaces.
By embedding these nanotextured surfaces in bioanalytic microdevices and lab on chip, we can produce microarrays and nanotextured microfluidics with optimized performance in analytical and bioanalytical applications. Our method greatly simplifies and accelerates everyday analytical, and bioanalytical practices, combining low-cost and fast processing.

Substrate materials for which our technology can be applied:

  • Any organic polymer (PMMA, COP, PEEK, PS etc.)
  • Silicon containing polymers (PDMS, Ormocer® etc.)technology
  • Polymer coated glass or other flat substrate
  • Si

Patented Technology