Watch our video explaining our patented technology:   We have developed a method to nanostructure and chemically modify surfaces using plasma processing, which we coin plasma nanotexturing. Nanostructures in the form of cones, columns, or fibers random or quasi ordered

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1. Microarrays Nanoplasmas fabricates polymer-coated glass or polymeric microarrays nanotextured (3D micro-nano topography) with plasma processing so as to render them highly binding and ultra sensitive.   Main advantages: Fast (within a couple of minutes) surface functionalization of the microarray

Our Team

Nanoplasmas comprises a team of people with high skills and knowledge in  surface modification, microarrays and microfluidics. The Nanoplasmas team is: Dr. Evangelos Gogolides, Co-Founder of the company Dr Evangelos Gogolides has a Diploma in Chemical Engineering summa cum laude

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